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Further price drops for Australia / NZ

OCTOBER 1st 2010

The strengthening Australian dollar has brought substantial price reductions to all models.


Computer Audiophile took a spin on the Proton and really liked what
they heard 6/22/09.


June 2009 Stereophile Magazine Wavelength’s Cosecant The Best
USB DAC Yet! I want to thanks Art Dudley and John Atkinson for their
hard work, page 77.


Music Served: Extracting Music from your PC, by John Atkinson

High Fidelity and 6Moons geared up together for a review of the
Brick v2.


Home Entertainment December 2008, Computer Audio 101 by Peter
Roth page 53, BTW Peter bought both a Cosecant and a Crimson
Balanced for his own setup. Stephæn Harrel November 2008 Cosecant V3 looks at
the differences between the V2 and V3 Cosecant.


New York Times 10/25/07 USB DAC Technology. Especially good
mention on the streaming interview, take a listen the link is at the
top left of the page.


Art Dudley’s Listening #33 in Stereophile Magazine Recommended
Component Class A for the original Brick.



The long awaited Proton is now released and in dealerís hands. Sorry for the delay, I just wanted to make sure it was right!



New stuff released at RMAF....
1) Mortar a new power supply for the Brick is available with IEC power
cord and vastly superior regulation for any of the V2 Bricks. AU$400.00
2) Crimson Balanced using the 6H30PI instead of the 71A into a
transformer for a uniform balanced configuration. Both XLR and
balanced RCA’s are included on the back panel. Price remains the
same and is available in silver and copper. Both the 71A and the
Balanced versions will remain in the list of products.
3) Numerator modules for the Cosecant and Crimson were
released with much success.


A quick note about the availability of the 24 bit dac modules. The
Numerator modules for the Crimson and Cosecant are available now.

Cosecant v3 Upgrade Available now!

Contact your dealer to get your Cosecant v2 upgraded to a v3. This
will give you modular dac support for formats up to 24/96. If your
Cosecant presently has the much older walwart unit then then cost is
AU$1000 and you will receive a new power supply, new motherboard i
nside the Cosecant and the standard dac module. If you have the
standard power supply with removable IEC power cable then the cost
is AU$700. This upgrade includes the Transcendental 16 bit module. If you want to upgrade to the 24 bit Numerator module that will cost an
extra AU$350. No need to send the cables or tube. But the power supply
will be upgraded as well. You will need to contact a dealer to get a
Return Upgrade Authorization (RUA#) before sending the unit back.
The unit will be returned in the packaging it was sent in. If you have
questions, please don’t hesitate to ask your dealer.


Brick v2 Upgrade Available now!

You can contact your dealer (or any dealer) to get your Brick converted
to the new ASYNC version 2. If you bought your version one Brick with
a serial number of 25-0095 or higher then the upgrade is no charge. All others the AU$350 dollar cost will provide a new mother board for the dac and bring it up to a current V2 status. You will need to contact a dealer to get a Return Upgrade Authorization (RUA#) before sending the unit back. Only the main unit of the dac needs to be sent back. Do not send the power supply, cables etc... The unit will be returned in the packaging it was sent in. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask your dealer.

Stereophile RMAF Blog

Stereophile RMAF Blog Our Room

Enjoy The Music RMAF

Computer Audiophile RMAF

Positive Feedback

Some Huge Pictures at Audio Federation

CES 2008 Pictures, setup and news.


RMAF 2008


Teaming up with Vaughn Loudspeakers and Nirvana Audio cables. We had a really good
show with some new items of interest.


The New Balanced Crimson is now available for the same price as the 71A version.
This uses the 6H30PI tube instead of the 71A and also uses a transformer instead of an
Autoformer. It sports both a XLR and balanced RCA on the back of the unit. It’s the one
on the lower shelf. The Crimson had the new Numerator board installed and we played
many high res files at the show (24 bits from 48k to 96k) and also some very good
16/44.1 red book cd’s.



We used a MAC Mini with the LaCie firewire drive and an ELO touch screen to give
it some flare!


Again we used the wonderful Royal Preamplifier and the Silver Cardinal’s all strung
and connected by Nirvana Audio SX interconnects. Including a custom XLR to RCA
for the Crimson to Royal connection.



A better shot of the new Vaughn Loudspeaker Signature Zinfandel.



John Atkinson used the Cosecant with the Numerator Module in five 1 hour demonstrations
about file resolution. You can see some pics and comments in the link below.